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Code Geass Character Profile


Voice actor/actress info:
Japanese: Dai Matsumoto
English: David Lodge
Character Profile
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation(s):Military Officer
Chinese Union - Military Officer
Chinese Union - Xingke Faction Leader
Black Knights - Commander-in-Chief
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone:Peach
Fanlisting Information:
Script used: Refrain
Opened: 00-00-0000
Last Updated: Dec 1st, 2016
Member count: 0, from 0 countries
Pending members: 0
Newest members:

Knightmares Pilotted: Gunru

Character Biography

Hong Gu is a military official who serves the High Eunuchs, but is aligned with Xingke's faction. He pilots a Gang Lou. After Li Xingke's faction joins the Black Knights, he takes up the position of the Second Division Commander.

Character profile written by The Jade Emperor

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